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The ARC plays a significant role in supporting international collaboration, by maintaining a strong presence within the international research community and providing funding opportunities that bring together Australian and international researchers and organisations. Its overarching aim in supporting international research collaboration is to maximise Australia's contribution to and benefits from international research collaborations, partnerships, developments and policy.

The ARC undertakes a range of international activities including support of international researcher collaboration, participation in research forums, and liaison with funding agencies overseas. 

The ARC is committed to continuously monitoring its support for international research collaboration, and in doing so ensuring that appropriate opportunities are made available within its funding structure. Under current arrangements, support for international research collaboration is incorporated within each of the funding schemes of the National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP).

The ARC is committed to providing robust and reliable information for potential overseas partners in research collaboration through the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) program, which evaluates Australia’s research performance nationally and internationally at a discipline level in eligible higher education institutions.

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