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Our BOLD Culture

At the ARC, our Building Opportunities and Leadership Development (BOLD) culture underpins everything we do.

To be BOLD, we encourage leadership at all levels, continuous development and support for high performing teams.

  • expect and nurture all staff to be leaders
  • are committed to continuous improvement
  • use the language 'We' not 'I'
  • encourage and support innovation and give permission to implement new ideas
  • design motivating work and meaningful opportunities
  • immediately celebrate and appropriately acknowledge achievements 
  • Say Yes (or explain why not)
  • ensure time is made to be BOLD

How to be BOLD?

  • Be a leader
  • Meet with your supervisor regularly for a one on one catch up
  • Make a difference – identify opportunities and innovate
  • Rewrite your future – accept challenges, develop new skills and build your knowledge
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Commit to making the time to be BOLD
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