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Corporate Plans and Reports

As a public service agency, the ARC’s decisions must be transparent, our policies justifiable, and our practices beyond reproach. We strive to achieve well-coordinated, efficient and accountable public administration. 

The information and documents below demonstrate how we achieve this and how you can request further information from us. 

    Portfolio Budget Statements 

    • The ARC’s Portfolio Budget Statements provide the budget and planned performance outcomes for the financial year. 

    ARC Strategy

    • The ARC Strategy 2022-2025 sets out the vision for the agency to 2030 and provides the key strategic priorities over 3 years to enable that vision.
      ARC Strategy 2022-2025

    Corporate Plan

    • The Corporate Plan sets our direction and objectives for how we will perform and build our capabilities over the next 4 years. 
      Corporate Plan

    Annual Reports

    • The Annual Report provides information about the ARC’s achievements, corporate arrangements, and performance for each financial year.
      Annual Reports

    Reconciliation Action Plan 

    • The ARC’s Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan May 2022 to April 2024 (RAP) forms an integral part of our commitment to reconciliation and to supporting and working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through our key activities.
      The RAP details our commitment and actions we will be undertaking over the next 2 years to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees, researchers, research, and reconciliation priorities. 
      Reconciliation Action Plan

    Gifts and Benefits Register

    Senate Requirements

    Under Senate Orders we must publish information about our appointments and vacancies, contracts, files and grants.

    • Senate Continuing Order – Listing of Entity Contracts
      • A Senate Order for the publishing of Entity Contracts requires all Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 Non-corporate Commonwealth entities to publish an internet listing of each contract entered into by the entity. Click here to view contracts.
    • Senate Continuing Order – Listing of Agency Files
      • Procedural Order No. 5 of the Senate resolved that each department and agency shall provide access on its Internet home page to an indexed list of the titles of certain files created from 1 January 1998 in the central office of that department or agency. Click here to view file lists
    • Senate Continuing Order – Grants
      • In accordance with Senate Order 16 – Departmental and Agency Grants (Minchin Motion) – the Senate agreed to a motion by Senator Minchin requiring all Australian Government departments and agencies to produce a list of all grants approved in each portfolio or agency, including the value of the grant, recipient of the grant and the program from which the grant was made. Click here to view a list of all grants.
    • Senate Continuing Order – All ARC grant recommendations
      • In accordance with Senate Order 507 (Pratt Motion), requires the Australian Government to table a letter of advice on grant recommendations provided by the ARC and received by the responsible minister each month. Click here to view the a list of all recommendations.

    Commonwealth Grants Reporting

    • Grant Awards are now accessible on GrantConnect within 21 days of announcement. Those made up until January 2015 (June 2017 for funding variations) are on our Commonwealth Grants page.
      Commonwealth Grants Reporting.


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