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Senate Requirements

Agency Grants

  • In accordance with Senate Order 16 (Minchin Motion), government agencies are required to table in the Senate a list of all grants approved by the Minister no later than seven days before the commencement of budget estimates, supplementary budget estimates and additional estimates hearings. 
    Click here to view Senate Order 16 (Minchin Motion) listing.
  • In accordance with Senate Order 507 (Pratt Motion), requires the Australian Government to table a letter of advice on grant recommendations provided by the ARC and received by the responsible minister each month. 
    Click here to view the Senate Order 507 (Pratt motion) listing.


  • A Senate Order for the publishing of Entity Contracts requires all Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 Non-corporate Commonwealth entities to publish an internet listing of each contract entered into by the entity. 
    Click here to view contracts.

File Lists

  • Procedural Order No. 5 of the Senate resolved that each department and agency provide access on its Internet home page to an indexed list of the titles of certain files created from 1 January 1998 in the central office of that department or agency. 
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