On 7 December 2015 the Australian Government launched its National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA). One of the measures under the agenda is for Australia to introduce an Engagement and Impact (EI) assessment framework, which will assess the engagement of researchers with end-users, and show how universities are translating their research into economic, social, environmental and other impacts.

The methodology for the first engagement and impact assessment, EI 2018, was developed following consultation with university and industry stakeholders through a Steering committee and working groups and a pilot study in 2017. Senator the Hon. Simon Birmingham, former Minister of Education and Training, and ARC Chief Executive Officer, Professor Sue Thomas, announced the release of the Engagement and Impact Assessment Pilot Report on the 1st November 2017. The release of the Pilot Report marked the end of the pilot and the start of preparations for the first full assessment launching in 2018.

EI 2018 is being undertaken as a companion to Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA). The EI 2018 assessment will be completed during 2018 and the national report released in early 2019. The final key documents for the 2018 Engagement and Impact assessment (EI 2018) are now available.