Ms Louise Hanlon, Independent Consultant

Ms Louise Hanlon provides educational expertise with a career spanning 35 years in the education sector as an educator, senior public servant, and mentor and coach, including 14 years as an executive and education policy adviser. Ms Hanlon has led the implementation of national programs and initiatives, leading and implementing national policy for schools, teacher education and vocational educations. Most notably Ms Hanlon has been the Head of the Schools Funding Secretariat and Taskforce, developing policy and working to negotiate and implement the key recommendations of the first Gonski report. Ms Hanlon has also worked in the not for profit sector as Territory Manager at Teach for Australia (TFA). Ms Hanlon has unique experience and insight from policy development to contextual implementation and can bridge the gap from bureaucracy to practical strategies and outcomes. Ms Hanlon currently works as a consultant and specialises in policy to implementation strategy.