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Science and Research Priorities

In 2022, the Minister for Industry and Science announced a review of the National Science and Research Priorities. The ARC is participating in whole of Government consultations regarding the development of the National Science and Research Priorities, and has met regularly with the Department of Industry, Science and Resources.

Once the new National Science and Research Priorities are formally agreed and announced by the Australian Government, this webpage will be updated.

The Australian Government has identified nine Science and Research Priorities and associated Practical Research Challenges. The priorities, developed in consultation with leaders from industry, research and government, are designed to focus Australian Government support for science and research on the most important challenges facing Australia.

The current Science and Research Priorities are:

  • Food
  • Soil and Water
  • Transport
  • Cybersecurity
  • Energy
  • Resources
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Environmental Change
  • Health

Each priority is associated with three to four Practical Research Challenges, which aim to guide investment and activity in areas where the Government considers Australia must maintain a strong research and innovation capability.

ARC’s role

The ARC supports the highest-quality fundamental and applied research and research training across all disciplines, including research that is not related to priority areas. 

The ARC supports research under the Science and Research Priorities by asking applicants for funding to indicate whether their research proposal relates to one of the priorities and, where relevant, assessing the potential of research proposals to contribute to the priorities.

The ARC reports on the proportion of ARC-funded projects that relate to the Science and Research Priorities.

More information about each of the Science and Research Priorities, and details of the associated Practical Research Challenges, can be found at the website

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