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2020 Laureate Profile: Professor Catherine Lovelock

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Professor Catherine Lovelock

Professor Catherine Lovelock

Also the 2020 ARC Georgina Sweet Australian Laureate Fellow

Administering Organisation: The University of Queensland

Fellowship project summary: 

FL200100133: Coastal blue carbon describes the carbon stored in soils and biomass of coastal wetlands which has an important function in regulating greenhouse gases. They also provide coastal protection, habitat for biodiversity, fisheries and amelioration of land-based pollution. Coastal wetlands have been degraded globally, reducing their capacity to store carbon and to support coastal communities and their economies. This Fellowship aims to assess how restoration of coastal wetlands influences carbon storage and greenhouse gas fluxes, develop new methodologies and to generate new research capacity to inform coastal wetland management globally. The proposed research is expected to enhance coastal sustainability to the benefit of coastal communities.

Australian Research Council funding: $ 3,358,494.00

About Professor Catherine Lovelock

Catherine Lovelock's research focusses on the influence of environmental change, particularly climate change, on coastal and marine plant communities and their role in climate change mitigation (or blue carbon) and adaptation. Her research provides knowledge to underpin conservation and restoration of coastal ecosystems.
In recognition of her research she was lead author on the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) greenhouse gas accounting guidelines for Wetlands (2019) and a founding member of the International Blue Carbon Scientific Working Group and the International Partnership for Blue Carbon.

Find out more about Professor Lovelock’s research by visiting her profile page on The University of Queensland website

For further information about this funding scheme, please visit the Australian Laureate Fellowships scheme page.

Image credit: The University of Queensland


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