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2020 Laureate Profile: Professor Toby Walsh

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Professor Toby Walsh

Professor Toby Walsh

Administering Organisation: The University of New South Wales 

Fellowship project summary: 

FL200100204: This project aims to understand how to build AI systems that humans can trust. It does so by studying how to make such systems fair, explainable, auditable, preserving of privacy and verifiable. Outputs will include tools to build trustworthy AI systems, as well as policy recommendations to complement the technical tools. This should provide significant economic and societal benefits as decisions in both the public and private sector are increasingly being handed over to computers.

Australian Research Council funding: $3,137,608.00

About Professor Toby Walsh

Toby Walsh is a leading researcher in Artificial Intelligence. He is Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence at The University of New South Wales and Data61. 

He has been elected a fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, and has won the prestigious Humboldt research award as well as the NSW Premier's Prize for Excellence in Engineering and ICT. He has held research positions in Australia, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland and Sweden.

Professor Walsh’s work has appeared in the New Scientist, American Scientist, Le Scienze, Cosmos, the Conversation and "The Best Writing in Mathematics". He often gives talks at public and trade events like CeBIT, the World Knowledge Forum, TEDx, and writers festivals in Jaipur, Bhutan, and around Australia. He has played a leading role at the UN and elsewhere on the campaign to ban lethal autonomous weapons.

Find out more about Professor Walsh’s research by visiting his profile page on The University of New South Wales website

For further information about this funding scheme, please visit the Australian Laureate Fellowships scheme page.

Image credit: The University of New South Wales 

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