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2021 Laureate Profile: Professor Jeffery Errington

Australian Laureate Fellowships


Image of Professor Jeffrey Errington

Professor Jeffery Errington

Administering Organisation: The University of Sydney

Fellowship project summary

FL210100071: “L-form” bacteria: basic science, antibiotics, evolution and biotechnology. 

This Fellowship addresses key gaps in knowledge about cell wall deficient bacteria called L-forms: an altered state of bacteria with intriguing properties both structurally and functionally. The main aims of the research program are to improve our understanding of the basic biology of L-forms and employ them as tools in several important ways: for understanding the mechanisms of cell wall synthesis and how antibiotics work, as models for early steps in the evolution of cellular life, and as a significant new platform for the production of proteins and fine chemicals. Outcomes and benefits include improved understanding of how to generate new antibiotics, and the development of new platforms for Australian biotechnology and biocommerce.

Australian Research Council funding: $ 3,246,000

Find out more about Professor Errington and their research areas of interest to date by visiting their profile page here

For further information about this funding scheme, please visit the Australian Laureate Fellowships scheme page.

Image credit: Newcastle University 

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