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2021 Laureate Profile: Professor Matthew Barnett

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Professor Matthew Barnett

Administering Organisation: Deakin University

 Fellowship project summary

FL210100147: Alloy alchemy: New paradigms in alloy science to promote a circular economy.

Although metals are readily remelted and reused, Australia exports most of its alloy scrap. These exports represent an opportunity for Australia to create value on-shore via a supply source that is secure against disruption. The Laureate will promote new ways to tap into this resource. It will provide the science needed to disrupt the current advanced alloy recycling paradigm and open up new avenues to create high value alloys from intermingled metal stocks that are currently ‘down-cycled’ because they are too costly to separate. The Laureate will also pioneer a new additive manufacturing technology to convert metal scrap into high value components, saving up to 95% of the production energy used to create the virgin metal.

Australian Research Council funding: $ 2,982,000

Find out more about Professor Barnett and their research areas of interest to date by visiting their profile page on Deakin University's website

For further information about this funding scheme, please visit the Australian Laureate Fellowships scheme page.

Image credit: Deakin University 

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