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2021 Laureate Profile: Professor Sharon Friel

Australian Laureate Fellowships


Image of Professor Sharon Friel

Professor Sharon Friel 

Administering Organisation: The Australian National University

Fellowship project summary

FL210100044: Governance for Planetary Health Equity.

The Laureate Fellowship will use the novel lens of Planetary Health Equity to expose the importance of addressing planetary as well as human systems in achieving global health equity, and investigate the role of governance in realising that aim. Using international and multi-sectoral comparative analysis, it intends to elucidate how institutions and actors can enable the development of coherent policy and business practices that advance planetary health equity. Expected outcomes include the design of policies and business practices that promote planetary health equity and a governance framework that enables coherent action. The Laureate has the potential to reduce health inequities and climate change, and relieve pressure on health systems.

Australian Research Council funding: $ 3,465,000

Find out more about Professor Friel and their research areas of interest to date by visiting their profile page on The Australian National University's website.

For further information about this funding scheme, please visit the Australian Laureate Fellowships scheme page.

Image credit: The Australian National University

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