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2022 Laureate Profile: Professor Andrew Hassell

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Professor Andrew Hassell

Professor Andrew Hassell headshot

Administering Organisation: The Australian National University

Fellowship Project Summary

FL220100072 – Mathematical Breakthroughs in Wave Propagation

Many modern technologies – such as communications, imaging, and advanced computing – rely on transmission of information via wave motion. For example, invisible radio waves travel between mobile phones and transmission towers to enable us to communicate with each other. When the speed and direction of these waves changes suddenly transmission is interrupted. Professor Hassell aims to solve such fundamental problems in the mathematics of wave motion. These advances will help launch partnerships with applied scientists and engineers to create new software that industry partners can adopt for Australian industry to design and manufacture numerous 21st century technologies, including technology that will feature in next generation batteries and information storage devices. These advances will also benefit Australia and everyday Australians in areas such as communication technologies, medical imaging, mineral exploration, and prediction of extreme weather events such as floods and cyclones.

Australian Research Council funding: $2,490,704

Find out more information about Professor Andrew Hassell and their research areas of interest to date by visiting their profile page here: Andrew Hassell | ANU Mathematical Sciences Institute

For further information about this funding scheme, please visit the Australian Laureate Fellowships page.

Image credit: The Australian National University


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