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2022 Laureate Profile: Professor Larissa Behrendt

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Professor Larissa Behrendt

Professor Larissa Behrendt headshot
Also the 2022 ARC Kathleen Fitzpatrick Australian Laureate Fellow 

Administering Organisation: University of Technology Sydney

Fellowship Project Summary

FL220100088 – A First Nations Sovereign Approach to Decolonising Colonial Institutions

Professor Behrendt aims to reduce the harmful overrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within the criminal justice, coronial and child protection systems. This will be achieved through the development of a framework that will be incorporated within these institutions, resulting in changed decision-making processes which specifically define the ways Indigenous peoples are treated. The new processes will support positive outcomes for Indigenous peoples and their communities: reducing the current overrepresentation will improve socio-economic outcomes for First Nations people; contribute to closing the gap in life outcomes; and support the broader national priority of ensuring safe and healthy communities. Meaningful collaboration with the Aboriginal community-controlled sector and utilisation of existing relationships with Australian legal institutions are hallmarks of project design. Research outcomes will be shared in forms directly accessible to Indigenous communities and the Aboriginal community-controlled sector - including as film, websites and podcasts.

Australian Research Council funding: $3,472,660

Find out more information about Professor Larissa Behrendt and their research areas of interest to date by visiting their profile page here: Larissa Behrendt Profile | University of Technology Sydney (

For further information about this funding scheme, please visit the Australian Laureate Fellowships page.

Image credit: University of Technology Sydney

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