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2023 Laureate Profile: Professor Joshua Cinner

Administering Organisation: University of Sydney

Fellowship Project Summary

FL230100201 - Increasing the sustainability and resilience of coral reef fisheries

Professor Cinner aims to increase the sustainability and resilience of coral reef fisheries in Australia and overseas. This project expects to deliver solutions-oriented research that pioneers the first global assessment of coral reef fisheries sustainability, locates the most resilient reefs, and uses these as models to increase resilience in other locations. Professor Cinner will work directly with the United Nations, government agencies, and other stakeholders to: build an unprecedented network of global collaborators to share data on reef resilience across 68 different countries; locate the world’s most resilient coral reefs; investigate what makes them especially resilient; and use investigation outcomes to develop decision-support tools such as web-based applications, policy briefs, and training sessions.

Australian Research Council funding: $3,400,000

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