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2023 Laureate Profile: Professor Nam-Trung Nguyen

Administering Organisation: Griffith University

Fellowship Project Summary

FL230100023 - Highly efficient microscale liquid handling and bio interfacing

Professor Nguyen is aiming to establish a ground-breaking research discipline that allows wearable devices to connect with the body chemically, either by accessing body fluids or by precise delivery of medicines. This project utilises bendiness and stretchiness to enable storage, transport, manipulation, and analysis of fluids in the microscale, ready for practical implementation. The outcomes will enable devices for continuous monitoring and intervention of an individual’s health conditions, providing real-time feedback on health issues, and enhanced performance in sport and battlefield. Early detection and proactive measures to manage personal health will significantly reduce Australia’s healthcare costs. Commercialisation of these developed technologies will follow with existing Australian industry able to access global wearable and implantable device markets. Commercialisation of the developed technologies will place Australian industry at the forefront of the lucrative market of wearable, implantable devices, supported by sovereign development and manufacturing capability.

Australian Research Council funding: $3,362,355

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