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2023 Laureate Profile: Professor Sarah Pink

Administering Organisation: Monash University

Fellowship Project Summary

FL230100131 - The impact of human futures on Australia’s digital and net zero transition

Professor Pink’s research will involve new ethnographic methods to investigate the role of future human values, practices, and trust in developing a path towards technologically supported environmental sustainability. Australia aims to be a top ten digital economy and society by 2030 and plans to reach the net zero carbon emissions target by 2050. Achieving these ambitions is essential to guaranteeing a safe, inclusive, and fair future society. This research project will deliver large-scale qualitative models of possible Australian futures and will combine this with quantitative forecasts to aid sustainable transitions

in our economy (including in energy and automation). Outcomes will assist government departments, policymakers, industries, and not-for-profits in planning and designing trusted, safe, and inclusive infrastructure, technology, services, and training. Research findings will be directly available to these stakeholders through consultative reporting and varied and accessible dissemination forums, dialogues, and publications.

Australian Research Council funding: $3,074,590

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