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2023 Laureate Profile: Professor Willy Susilo

Administering Organisation: University of Wollongong

Fellowship Project Summary

FL230100033 - Secure Cloud Computing from Cryptography: The Rise of Pragmatic Cryptography

Professor Susilo’s research proposes a paradigm shift from an idealised cryptography solutions framework to establish a new pragmatic cryptography framework, allowing concrete cryptography solutions to be readily adopted in practice, reducing cloud vulnerability, and safeguarding the data of individuals, businesses, and government. Through collaboration with government bodies, this research project will influence adoption of the new framework in international standards, contributing to widespread uptake of cloud computing across all sectors which will reduce reliance on local data storage and realise emissions reductions and business efficiencies. This project is a significant opportunity for Australia to lead this vital technology to protect critical infrastructure and systems as identified in Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy.

Australian Research Council funding: $3,034,371

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