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ARC Industry Fellowships

ARC Industry Fellowships  

A suite of Industry Fellowships is being developed by the ARC, following the announcement of the University Research Commercialisation Action Plan, a $2.2 billion investment to place university innovation and industry collaboration front and centre of Australia’s economic recovery. 

About the Schemes 

The Industry Fellowships Program (IFP) will be funded under the ARC’s Linkage Program. Its primary goal is to create a pathway to support academic researchers in establishing careers in industry, and industry-based researchers to work in university settings, with the aim of increased two-way mobility and skill-building in research collaboration, translation and commercialisation. The Schemes will also drive research collaboration, translation and commercialisation outcomes across a range of industry settings. 

There are three levels in the IFP. All levels seek to: 

  • develop a strong pipeline of researchers in Australia with capabilities in research collaboration, translation and commercialisation; 
  • open up and maintain a diversity of career pathways traversing university and industry settings; 
  • increase strategic engagement and alignment between universities and industry;  
  • contribute to the solving of industry-identified challenges and opportunities; and 
  • create commercial, economic and other benefits for Australia through enhanced translation and commercialisation, including the development of start-up companies.  

Early Career Industry Fellowships 

  • develop the industry collaboration skills of early career researchers;  

  • support early career researchers to achieve translatable and/or commercialisable outcomes. 

Mid-Career Industry Fellowships 

  • strengthen the industry collaboration skills of mid-career researchers  

  • encourage uptake of a wider range of career options for established researchers; and 

  • supervise and develop future research and nurture their development of collaboration, commercialisation and translation skills; and 

  • deliver significant, actionable outcomes for industry partners and end-users. 

Industry Laureate Fellowships 

  • provide leadership in the development of high quality and impactful collaborations between university and industry personnel; 

  • fund significant programs of research that deliver step-changes across a variety of industry settings; 

  • provide an excellent research training environment and exemplary mentorship to nurture the development of collaboration, commercialisation and translation skills among early career researchers and Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students; and 

  • attract and retain, within Australia, outstanding researchers and research leaders of international reputation with demonstrated capacity for collaboration, commercialisation and/or translation. 

Consultations and next steps 

From March to July 2022 the ARC has undertaken consultation with key stakeholders from across industry, research translation and academia on the design of the schemes.  

Key issues that were identified included: 

  • The objectives of each Scheme need to be clear 
  • Scheme design should maximise flexibility 
  • Fellows should be supported in both industry and academic settings 
  • Processes should be streamlined to support industry engagement 
  • Schemes should be designed with an awareness of the broader research and innovation ecosystem 
  • Administrative burden on applicants and industry should be minimised where possible 

This and other detailed stakeholder input has been integrated into the design of Grant Guidelines for the schemes and other related application documentation. These Guidelines are in the final stages of development and will be released along with other scheme documents on Grant Connect prior to the schemes opening, which is currently planned for September-October 2022. A series of webinars will be held in the lead up to scheme openings to assist potential applicants and Research Office staff to prepare their applications. Advice about these activities will be provided on this webpage closer to the time. 

If you have any other queries about the Industry Fellowships, please contact the ARC at

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