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Early Career Industry Fellowships

Fact Sheet (PDF 259KB)

For information on recently announced grant outcomes under the Early Career Industry Fellowships scheme please visit the following pages: 

The Early Career Industry Fellowships scheme creates a pathway to support academic researchers in establishing careers in industry, and industry-based researchers to work in university settings, with the aim of increased two-way mobility and skill-building in research collaboration, translation and commercialisation.

Up to 50 Early Career Industry Fellowships may be awarded each year providing salary contribution for up to 3 years and project costs up to $150,000.

Program objectives

The objectives of the Early Career Industry Fellowships scheme are to: 

  • develop the industry collaboration skills of early career researchers
  • support early career researchers to achieve translatable and/or commercialisable outcomes. 
  • develop a strong pipeline of researchers in Australia with capabilities in research collaboration, translation and commercialisation 
  • open up and maintain a diversity of career pathways traversing university and industry settings 
  • increase strategic engagement and alignment between universities and industry  
  • contribute to the solving of industry-identified challenges and opportunities, and 
  • create commercial, economic and other benefits for Australia through enhanced translation and commercialisation, including the development of start-up companies.  

Who is this for?

This scheme is intended to support researchers from industry as well as university settings, for example postdocs seeking to build industry experience and expertise or career researchers from industry looking to return to the university system to work on industry problems.

Fellows must spend time undertaking research in both the university and industry setting.

How do I apply?

University Research Offices manage applications for any ARC scheme. Interested researchers should contact the relevant Research Office who will assist in preparing and submitting an application through the ARC’s Research Management System.

How do I find out more?

The Grant Guidelines provide further detail on the schemes, including eligibility requirements and assessment criteria. These are published on Grant Connect.

Opening and closing dates are listed on the ARC’s Grant's Calendar.

If you are an applicant and have any queries about this scheme please contact a university research office in the first instance.

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The ARC can be contacted for queries about Early Career Industry Fellowships at

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