All Forecast Opportunities for all schemes under the Discovery Program and Linkage Program are now available on GrantConnect.

The ARC will no longer publish Grant Guidelines (formerly known as Funding Rules) on our website. All accountable authorities and officials must use GrantConnect to publish all Grant Opportunities, all Grant Guidelines and all addenda/alterations.

While the Grant Guidelines are available to view, you will need to sign in or create a User Registration account in GrantConnect to access all relevant documentation for Grant Opportunities.

For further information on GrantConnect, please refer to the ARC GrantConnect information page or the GrantConnect website

Please also visit the An overview of ARC Funding schemes page.

Infographic: What happens to my application?


I have applied for a grant from the Australian Research Council. What happens to my application?

Members of a Selection Advisory Committee are assigned to have carriage of your funding proposal.

  •  At least two members (more for some schemes) are assigned. These selected members are called General Assessors and have a lead assessor (called Carriage 1).

Expert or Detailed Assessors are assigned.

  • Detailed Assessors can be experts in your field or bring other knowledge. Up to five Detailed Assessors are assigned.
  • Depending on the scheme, sometimes the General Assessors will do this, other times it is an ARC Executive Director.

Detailed Assessors will look at your proposal.

  • They will provide detailed comments about your proposal as well as ratings against the selection criteria.


  • You will be provided with the written comments and an opportunity to provide a response—called a rejoinder.
  • Make sure you address areas of weakness identified by assessors. You do not get to see the ratings.

General assessors look at your proposal and the comments and ratings of detailed assessors.

  • General Assessors give their own ratings and create a ranked order of all applications they have been assigned.


  • At the same time, proposals are assessed for eligibility. The Eligibility Committee (consisting of ARC Executive Directors) makes recommendations to the ARC CEO on the eligibility of proposals. The CEO must not recommend ineligible proposals to the Minister for Education for funding.

Selection Advisory Committee meets.

  • All proposals and proposed budgets are considered by a Selection Advisory Committee. Members of the Selection Advisory Committee are appointed by the CEO, taking into account discipline mix and end-user experience.

Recommendations to the ARC CEO

  • Recommendations from the Selection Advisory Committee are made to the ARC CEO of proposals to fund and the budget for the proposal.

Recommendations to the Minister

  • The Minister for Education determines proposals for funding and the budget for each proposal. The ARC CEO makes recommendations of proposals for funding and budgets to the Minister for Education.


  • The Minister for Education determines proposals for funding and the budget for each proposal.

We wish you luck with your proposal!