Each ARC grant is awarded to an Administering Organisation, with individual researchers named as participants on the grant. The first named person on the grant is known as the Lead Chief Investigator (CI). 

In this visualisation you can explore the number of projects a lead CI has led since 2002. Selecting an element in one interactive graph or table may affect what you see in another graph or table. The text on the left may also update depending on the filters selected. Press the ‘reset filters’ button to remove all selections made. Click Help for more information on using the ARC’s Microsoft Power BI Tool.

Data Insights

Since 2002 about 54 per cent of lead CIs have led just one project. Their projects account for around 18 per cent of ARC funding awarded, meaning 82 per cent of funding is awarded to projects led by researchers who have previously led an ARC project.

A very small number of lead CIs have received far more than one project since 2002. Around 0.56 per cent of Lead CIs have received 15 or more projects, and their share of total ARC funding has been around six per cent. This is likely due to ARC Centres of Excellence (which are allocated a large amount of funding) being more likely to be led by an experienced researcher who has been the lead CI on ARC projects in the past. 

Understanding the data 

For the purpose of this visualisation any first named person on a grant, including Fellows and DECRA recipients, are considered “Lead CIs”.

To read more about the terms used on this page and how the data is gathered see the Methodology & Data Notes.

To note: this data is correct as of 24/8/2021, and only includes grants announced as of this date, except DECRA commencing in 2022. For Funding Commencement Year 2021, the funding outcome of Linkage Projects Round 1 (LP2101) is not finalised and data is not included. 

While due care has been taken in its preparation, the ARC cannot guarantee and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, currency, completeness or interpretation of the information.

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