As part of the Australian Research Council’s (ARC) activities to update its Research Management System (RMS), a new dynamic Funding Announcements page has been developed to display the funding outcomes following announcement of awarded grants.

This Funding Announcements web page is designed to make it easier for users to obtain information following the announcement of the outcomes of an ARC funding round.


  • New and dynamic presentation of ARC-funded outcomes
  • User friendly
  • Full project summaries and funding scheme data available
  • Flexible data fields that can be changed by the user

How it works

Stakeholders will be able to click on a link from the ARC website that will take them to a public RMS webpage displaying data from the newly announced funding round. This public link does not require an RMS user account or login.

The first item that the user will see is a dashboard of information containing data and funding figures, including:

  • the success rate for the scheme
  • requested and approved funds
  • approved projects by research priority areas.

This dashboard is also dynamic, in that the user can select certain fields which will filter the detailed project information. The dynamic fields are those seen in the second row—approved projects by:

  • States and Territories
  • Administering Organisations
  • Field of Research.

For example, should the user only want to see the funding results for Monash University, one click on Monash University in the ‘Approved Projects—Administering Organisations’ section will then change the other dynamic dashboard settings for Monash University only.

Below the dashboard the full project summaries will appear in table format with the below headings.

Upon first entering the Funding Announcements web page all project summaries will appear for the round. Should a user again only want results for Monash, by clicking on Monash as the administering organisation only Monash project summaries will appear.

If a user only wanted to see the results for a certain state, for example, Victoria, this information can also be retrieved by clicking on ‘Victoria’ in the ‘Approved Projects—States and Territories’ section.

If a user would then like to see all results for the funding round again, a simple click on the ‘Reset Filters’ button, at the top right of the screen will reset the information to display allresults.

To view funding outcomes please visit the funding announcements page.


Should you encounter any problems using the funding announcements page, please contact the ARC communications team,

If you have logged into RMS and are experiencing difficulties using RMS please contact the RMS Support team on 02 6287 6789 or email