When can my Project commence?

  • You must start your Project on or after the Funding Commencement Date.
  • The latest you can start your Project is six months from the Project Initialisation Date.
    The Project Initialisation Date is when the ARC executes the Project Funding Agreement (including the Project Funding Offer). Research Office staff can check that date in RMS on the Research Office Funding Offers page.
  • In exceptional circumstances, if you can’t start within six months of the Project Initialisation Date, the Research Office can request to defer the Project’s start date up to six months from the Final Commencement Date by submitting a Variation to Funding Agreement in RMS. Research Office staff can submit a VFA in RMS – Instructions.

What do I need to do?

The Research Office must notify the ARC of the Project Start Date when the Project has commenced via a VFA in RMS or through the End of Year Report process.

Definitions from the Funding Agreement/Funding Rules

Project Initialisation Date means the date when the Project’s Funding Agreement is executed by the ARC in RMS.

Funding Commencement Date means the date on which funding commences as defined for each scheme in Parts B to F of the Funding Rules.

Project Start Date means the date on which the Project commences research and Funding expenditure.

Final Commencement Date means a date no later than six months after the Project Initialisation Date, when the Project is executed in RMS.

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