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Improved eligibility management in RMS

Eligibility is an important aspect of the ARC’s grant management processes. Based on feedback from the sector, the ARC is improving its Research Management System (RMS) functionality to assist in determining key eligibility requirements as part of the application process.

The improved functionality will help identify potentially ineligible applications, as well as provide improved information and guidance to researchers and Research Offices as part of the application process.

What are the key changes for our stakeholders?

  • Updated questions on the application form will assist applicants and Research Offices to determine whether final report, project limits, and key CI and PI eligibility requirements have been met.
  • Any participant on the application that has an overdue Final Report for any relevant ARC-funded projects will be unable to submit the application.
  • Where limits have been breached the application will be invalidated and unable to be submitted.

These changes will help support researchers and Research Offices to improve compliance with ARC Grant Guidelines, and reduce time and effort preparing ineligible applications. These changes will be included in any application forms opened in RMS from 10 October 2018.

Important Note: Whilst the eligibility checks will assist and improve compliance please note that these are performed at various stages of the application submission process:

  • Whilst the form is being filled
  • On certification at the Administering Organisation
  • At submission to the ARC

These changes may mean that applications encounter eligibility issues right up to submission to the ARC, therefore please ensure that enough time is available to complete submission. 

To assist this process the ARC will ensure that final reports are not de-submitted in the two weeks leading up to submission date to ensure that applicants are not unnecessarily disadvantaged.

Please note whilst these changes are to assist with completing application forms it is still the responsibility of the applicants and Research Offices to comply with the grant guidelines. The new eligibility checking functions are not exhaustive and the ARC will undertake eligibility checking after close of submission. 

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