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$29 million to fund innovative research

$29 million to fund innovative research


 24 August 2022

$29 million to fund innovative research

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has today announced more than $29 million for 61 grants for Linkage Projects over the next five years. The projects will also receive an additional $59 million in cash and in-kind support from more than 200 partner organisations.

Linkage Projects promote national and international research partnerships between researchers and business, industry, community organisations and other publicly funded research agencies.

ARC CEO Judi Zielke said ‘The projects funded today will serve as a foundation for the integration of cutting-edge research into industrial and commercial applications.

“From developing more efficient solar cells to inventing new vaccines for the crocodile industry, these partnerships will tackle crucial problems facing Australian industry.”

The University of New South Wales will receive almost $800,000 in funding to unlock the full potential of low-cost solar cells through a new type of material called “perovskites”. Extending the working life of perovskites could deliver high efficiency solar cells with the potential to revolutionise solar module technology and cement Australia’s position in leading solar panel technology.

Among the projects funded at the University of Queensland is almost $600,000 aimed at reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from ironmaking blast furnaces. The project will work to address a critical issue that will support the long-term sustainability of Australia’s iron ore exports.

Currently, iron and steel making rely on coking coal (‘coke’) which results in carbon dioxide emissions, whereas hydrogen used in the same processes releases only water vapour. This project aims to develop future hydrogen ironmaking to achieve carbon neutral and “green” steel production in Australia.

Research at the University of Queensland will receive more than $870,000 for work to establish effective strategies to prevent West Nile virus infection in farmed saltwater crocodiles in northern Australia. Reducing skin lesions will improve the crocodile hides for the quality leather market. This will allow the Australian crocodile industry to compete more effectively internationally.

Additionally, the crocodile industry is an active participant in the Indigenous Advancement Strategy. A stronger industry will benefit Indigenous communities in northern Australia involved with the crocodile industry through egg collection and raising hatchling crocodiles.

More details about all the Linkage Projects announced today are available from the ARC website. 

For information about the ARC’s Linkage Projects scheme, visit the Linkage Projects page.

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