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New international partnership strengthening the Australian research system

New international partnership strengthening the Australian research system

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2 August 2023

New international partnership strengthening the Australian research system


Today, the Australian Research Council (ARC) formally entered a partnership with the Research on Research Institute (RoRI), joining a consortium of 21 other partners from 13 countries and regions, focused on developing meaningful improvements to the design and operation of research culture and systems.

RoRI is an international group of research funders, academics, research organizations and technologists which aims to champion transformative research on research systems, concepts, cultures, careers and decision-making.

Through this partnership, the ARC will reinforce its commitment to using evidence, data and shared learning to improve how research is supported and evaluated not only in Australia, but globally.

ARC CEO Ms Judi Zielke PSM said that collaborating with RoRI will strengthen the ARC’s development of a modern data driven research evaluation informed by expert review.

“The Research on Research Institute’s mission to bring together organisations that care about research and how research is funded directly supports the ARC’s current reform agenda.”

“This partnership demonstrates the ARC’s dedication towards the ongoing excellence of the Australian research system through improving the collection and analysis of impact data. This partnership will allow us to learn from other countries to improve the way we measure research impact and quality, and ensure we continue to be a world leader in this space”, said Ms Zielke.

RoRI Director, Professor James Wilsdon, said he looks forward to working with ARC colleagues and others in the Australian research system, to learn from ongoing debates within the Australian system, and to share insights and amplify good practices from elsewhere.

“Research on research is about ensuring we have the evidence we need to realise the full potential of the investment in R&D globally each year. It’s about using a mix of methods to test interventions, and to generate and analyse data about the inner workings of the research system, and the impacts that research has in and on society,” said Professor Wilsdon.

“We’re delighted that the Australian Research Council has joined RoRI as one of our core partners. This is an exciting time for research on research, and it’s fantastic to see the ARC at the forefront of these efforts globally. This can only be to the long-term benefit of Australian and International research.”

For more information about the Research on Research Institute, please visit their website here.

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