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Other Online Publications

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  • ERA Consultation Paper, June 2008
    PDF Format (330KB)
  • ARC submission to the Inquiry into Research Training and Research Workforce Issues in Australian Universities
    PDF Format (297KB) - RTF Format (1.11MB)
  • ARC submission to the Review of the National Innovation System
    PDF Format (288KB) - RTF Format (1.95MB)


  • ARC response to the Productivity Commission draft research report on Public Support for Science and Innovation, December 2006
     PDF Format (80KB) - RTF Format (345KB)
  • ARC Submission to the Productivity Commission Public Support for Science and Innovation
    PDF Format (485KB) - Word Format (1.71MB)


  • ARC Submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Science and Innovation Inquiry into Pathways to Technological Innovation
    PDF Format (305KB) - RTF Format (439KB)
  • ARC Submission to the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy Advisory Committee
    PDF Format (198KB) - RTF Format (389KB)
  • ARC Submission to the Advisory Council on Intellectual Property Patents and Experimental Use: Options Paper
    PDF Format (138KB) - RTF Format (218KB)


  • What's New Announcement of Thinking Systems Call to Stakeholders - advertisement
    PDF Format (77KB) - RTF Format (17KB)
  • e-Research support capital city consultation workshop presentation by Professor Tsoi
    PDF Format (38KB) - RTF Format (224KB)
  • Timetable for State Capital City Consultative Workshops – e-Research Support 
    PDF Format (155KB) - RTF Format (62KB)
  • Special Research Initiative: e-Research Support 
    PDF Format (149KB) - RTF Format (96KB)
  • ARC-supported research: the impact of journal publication output 1996-2000
    PDF Format (895KB)


  • ARC National Research Priorities Implementation Plan
    PDF Format (347KB) - RTF Format (1.45MB)
  • ARC's Performance in Implementing Government Decisions from Knowledge and innovation and Backing Australia's Ability
    PDF Format (520KB) - RTF Format (1.65MB)
  • A Wealth of Knowledge: The Return on Investment From ARC-Funded Research
    PDF Format (1.08MB) - RTF Format (2.34MB)
  • ARC Submission to the National Research Infrastructure Taskforce
    PDF Format (327KB) - RTF Format (1.42MB)
  • ARC Submission to Research Collaboration Review
    PDF Format (666KB) - RTF Format (2.77MB)



  • National Principles of Intellectual Property Management for Publicly Funded Research
    PDF Format (22KB)
  • Beyond 2000: The Way Ahead
    PDF Format (1.04MB)
  • Mapping the Nature and Extent of Business - University Interaction in Australia
    PDF Format (2.63MB)
  • ARC Annual Report 2000-2001
    PDF Format (683KB)


  • Investing in Australia's Future: ARC Research Grants for 2001-2003
    PDF Format (537KB) 
  • ARC Annual Report 1999-2000
    PDF Format (1.54MB)
  • Diversity and Convergence: Research Funding and Patterns of Research Activity in Australian Universities (Commissioned Report No. 62)
    PDF Format (762KB) 
  • Research in the National Interest: Commercialising University Research in Australia
    PDF Format (159KB)
  • Inventing Our Future: The Link Between Australian Patenting and Basic Science
    Part one - PDF Format (963KB) 
    Part two - PDF Format (413KB) 
    Part three - PDF Format (640KB) 
  • National Strategic Workshop on Genomics and Gene Technology - An Alliance for the Future Electronic version is missing the appendices. Contact the Publications Officer to request a printed version
    PDF Format (603KB)


  • Cross - Disciplinary Research - A Discussion Paper (Commissioned Report No. 61)
    PDF Format (777KB)
  • University Research: Technology Transfer and Commercialisation Practices (Commissioned Report No.60) 
    PDF Format (7.12MB)
  • NBEET Annual Report 1998-1999
    PDF Format (2.10MB)
  • What a Good Idea - Australian Government Programs Linking Industry with Public Sector R&D
    PDF Format (515KB)
  • Research of Interest to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (Commissioned Report No 59)
    PDF Format (590KB)
  • Research of Interest to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples - Advice of NBEET and the ARC
    PDF Format (6.40MB)
  • Comments on Discipline Research Strategies. Information Technology: Sink or Swim?
    PDF Format (480KB)

Hard Copy Publications

ARC publications unavailable online may be available in hard copy (free of charge) while stocks last. Requests for these publications should be made to:

Publications Officer 
Australian Research Council
GPO BOX 2702

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