Welcome to the ARC Peer Review section.

These pages are designed to provide the ARC Assessor Community, which comprises approximately 20,000 Australian and International Assessors, with the information and resources needed to undertake quality peer review for the ARC funding schemes.

The ARC seeks to identify and support high quality and innovative research and relies on its Assessors to provide rigorous assessments of Applications submitted to the ARC that are within their expertise.

The contribution of ARC Assessors in ensuring that the ARC funds the highest quality research as well as providing Applicants with useful feedback for future Applications is extremely valuable. The ARC is very grateful to all those researchers who provide detailed assessments to evaluate research Applications submitted to the ARC for funding as well as to members of its selection committees. As such, the ARC has released a ‘Statement of Support for Assessors within the National Competitive Grants Program’.

Please take some time to read the material provided, including:

  • an explanation of the systematic assessment processes for ARC funding schemes
  • links to important policies and guidelines that assessors must be familiar with
  • handbooks to help assessors use the Research Management System (RMS) and provide quality assessments for each of the ARC funding schemes.