This Charter describes what the Australian Research Council (ARC) does, and the service commitment we make to our clients.

Our purpose is:

To grow knowledge and innovation for the benefit of the Australian community through funding the highest quality research, assessing the quality, engagement and impact of research and providing advice on research matters.

Our vision is:

Research for a creative, innovative and productive Australia.

Who are our clients

Our clients include: participants in the NCGP and ERA and users of ARC information and policy (including universities, business and industry, not-for-profit organisations, Australian government departments, research peak bodies, international research organisations, and the media).

What do we do

We provide the following services:

  • information about the NCGP and ERA, including about processes and outcomes
  • advice to eligible organisations to assist with submission of proposals for funding under the NCGP
  • advice to eligible organisations to assist with administrative, financial and reporting requirements associated with funded grants
  • support for the committees assessing research proposals for funding and the quality of research in Australia
  • advice to eligible organisations to assist with the submission of information required under ERA
  • advice and information to support the development of research policy
  • conduct forums to enable clients to provide feedback on proposed changes to NCGP and ERA processes
  • communication and promotion of ARC-funded research and ERA outcomes, including analysis and reporting, via ARC website, social media and media.

What are our service standards 

In delivering our services we individually and collectively uphold the Australian Public Service Values. We are impartial, committed to service, accountable, respectful and ethical. In our dealings with you, we will be courteous; treat you fairly and professionally; provide timely advice that is clear, concise, accurate and complete; and keep any confidential information provided to us as in confidence, except where disclosure is required by law.

We aim to achieve excellence in service delivery to all stakeholders, including those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds or communities.

We also aim to ensure that the services we provide meet the goals of the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Agenda and Digital Service Standards to enable us to deliver services that are easier to find, use and improve client experience. In addition we strive to ensure we meet whole-of-government Web Content and Accessibility Guidelines for the material we produce and publish.

If you call us we will:

  • answer phone calls made to (02) 6287 6600 promptly during normal business hours
  • identify ourselves when answering phone calls
  • aim to resolve your enquiry during the call or if we can’t, take your details and arrange for the appropriate person to return your call as soon as possible
  • return all calls as soon as possible or as arranged.

We will also operate a helpline for specific enquiries about the ARC Research Management System (the web-based system used to prepare and submit research proposals, assessments and rejoinders for the NCGP) and ERA.

If you write to us we will:

  • seek to respond to you within ten working days for less complex enquiries and within 20 working days for more complex enquiries.

If we can’t respond to you within 20 working days, we will inform you of the time needed to provide a response and give you contact details if you have further enquiries.

For our web services we will:

  • aim to have the ARC website and applications accessible at least 98 per cent of the time (excluding time required for technical upgrades or scheduled maintenance)
  • advise of pre-planned outages
  • ensure that the information available on our website is up-to-date and accurate
  • provide web-based material that meets WCAG accessibility requirements.

If you provide us with information we will:

  • handle your information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and respect the confidentiality of your personal information and use it only in accordance with the law. We will give you access to your personal information if you request it.

What are your responsibilities 

To help us provide you with a quality and timely service we ask that you:

  • treat our staff with courtesy and respect
  • provide us with timely, complete and accurate information
  • allow adequate time for us to respond to requests.

We also welcome your feedback on the quality of our services. If you wish to provide feedback please write to The Complaints Handling Officer, Australian Research Council, GPO Box 2702, Canberra ACT 2601 or via email to Additional guidance on how to provide feedback is available on the Feedback and Complaints page on the ARC website.

Our commitment to improvement

We will at least once a year:

  • evaluate our services against the standards we have set in this charter, to see if we are meeting those standards
  • review the standards set out in this charter.