ARC Research Integrity and Research Misconduct Policy – WordPDF

The purpose of this policy is to safeguard confidence in the value of publicly funded research by:

  • making transparent the ARC’s role in research misconduct matters;
  • ensuring the integrity of the ARC’s grant application, peer review, grant selection and research evaluation processes, funding decisions and research outcomes; and
  • raising the awareness of the importance of research integrity and of the possible consequences for institutions and for individuals if appropriate standards are not maintained.

The policy outlines requirements for institutions to report to the ARC on research integrity and misconduct matters and pathways via the ARC through which allegations of integrity breaches can be referred to institutions for investigation.

For queries or to report an allegation

The ARC Research Integrity Officer is the point of contact for all matters within the scope of this policy, and is responsible for all associated administrative arrangements within the ARC. Individuals or institutions with questions regarding any matters in this policy, or anyone wishing to report an allegation, may contact the ARC Research Integrity Officer.

By phone
02 6287 6600
Please ask for the Research Integrity Officer.

By email

By mail
The Research Integrity Officer
The Australian Research Council
GPO Box 2702

Research Integrity Review Committee

Under the policy, the ARC may take precautionary and consequential actions if it considers that the integrity of its peer review processes, grant selection processes, funding recommendations and research outcomes have the potential to be compromised.

An ARC Research Integrity Review Committee has been formed to consider and make recommendations on precautionary and consequential actions. 

Terms of reference

The RIR Committee will assist the ARC in considering and taking action under Section 9.1 of the ARC Research Integrity and Research Misconduct Policy.  In doing so the RIR Committee will:

  • make recommendations to the Senior Research Integrity Officer on precautionary and consequential actions in response to research integrity and research misconduct matters in accordance with Section 9 of the ARC Research Integrity and Research Misconduct Policy;
  • in making recommendations, take into account precedents relating to ARC actions in response to similar matters, and corrective or disciplinary action already undertaken by the institution, to ensure a fair and sound decision making commensurate with the research misconduct or research integrity breach;
  • consult with the ARC Legal Counsel as appropriate to ensure recommended actions are legally permissible;
  • consult with the Chief Financial Officer as appropriate regarding appropriate action relating to any incidence of fraud or suspected fraud in the expenditure of ARC funding, or other matters of financial implication for the ARC; and
  • instruct relevant ARC staff on any action required to communicate and implement decisions regarding ARC actions.