The ARC’s vision for gender equality is equal opportunities for all researchers to undertake research for a creative, innovative, and productive Australia. The ARC is committed to ensuring that all eligible researchers, irrespective of diversity, have an equal opportunity to participate in National Competitive Grants Program funding schemes.

In addressing this commitment, the ARC has established a range of initiatives, including:

  • targeted funding through the Australian Laureate Fellowships scheme
  • parental leave and part time arrangements for fellowship and awards
  • the Research Opportunity and Performance Evidence assessment criterion
  • extension of eligibility periods for early and mid-career fellowships and awards for eligible career interruptions
  • engagement with stakeholders and the wider community about supporting women in the research sector.

ARC Support for Gender Equality

Gender outcome data

*Note: This data is only provided in Excel format at this stage. Please contact the ARC on if you have any troubles accessing this information.

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