The ARC is committed to maximising the benefit of ARC-funded research through support for collaborative research and research training.

The ARC provides a range of opportunities for collaboration between the Australian research sector, industry partners and other organisations. ARC funding for partnerships is available through schemes under the Linkage Program, which aims to encourage and extend cooperative approaches to research and improve the use of research outcomes by strengthening links within Australia’s innovation system and with innovation systems internationally.

Why collaborate?

There are many benefits of increased collaboration between academia and industry or other partners. Greater collaboration allows research to have an impact in industries where it is needed the most and deliver faster results to end-users. It allows students to gain focused experience within industries relevant to their research through support for research training. It provides significant return on investment and value for money, allowing larger scale projects to be undertaken through a combination of ARC funding and partner contributions.

How can our organisation get involved?

Potential industry partners need to contact an Eligible Organisation to discuss involvement in a Proposal. A list of Eligible Organisations can be found within scheme funding rules/grant guidelines on the Grants section of the ARC website, and are predominately Australian universities.

For more information on ARC schemes that provide opportunities to collaborate, visit our Working with Partners page.

How much are industry partners required to contribute?

The required contribution from Partner Organisations varies from scheme to scheme. For information on requirements specific to the scheme and/or funding round you are applying for, refer to the relevant funding rules.