On 13 February 2019, the ARC announced a new implementing arrangement with the European Research Council (ERC) designed to provide opportunities for ARC funded early career researchers from Australia to pursue research collaborations with European researchers supported through a relevant ERC grant. 

Implementing Arrangements are an initiative of the ERC intended to boost opportunities for scientists supported by international research agencies to travel to Europe to join the research teams of ERC grantees. The ERC has a series of implementing arrangements with a number of national funding agencies. 

The ERC will provide the ARC with a list of potential collaboration opportunities, with a description of the projects, for distribution to university Research Offices. Research Offices will be responsible for advising researchers at their institution of the opportunities. The ARC anticipates that the list of opportunities will be available mid- December.
Under the Implementing Arrangement, eligibility is limited to Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) recipients.  Only those DECRA recipients whose award is closely aligned with an ERC funded research project will be eligible to participate in collaborations identified under the arrangement.

Eligible DECRA’s will be required to liaise directly with the ERC-funded researchers to manage any collaboration visits under the arrangement.


On 5 November 2019, the ERC launched a call for Principal Investigators holding ERC-funded grants within Europe to express interest in collaborating with non-European researchers. 

The ERC will provide a list of potential collaboration opportunities to the ARC which will be distributed, when available, to university Research Offices.

Further information about the ARC/ERC Implementing Arrangement is available on the ERC website