The ARC is providing grants administration services to other Australian Government entities who are managing grant programs focussed on the research sector. We are providing standardised research grants processes through our Research Management System (RMS) that we are calling Research Grants Services (RGS). 

What is RMS?

The ARC’s RMS is an IT end-to-end grants administration system that allows the ARC to accept applications; have applications assessed, through peer review, by experts in relevant research disciplines; rank applications and to offer, execute and manage grants. RMS is an online platform that supports a streamlined interaction across the grants management lifecycle of Design, Select, Establish, Manage and Evaluate.  Access to the relevant versions of RMS can be found on the RMS Information page.

Non-ARC funded grants management

As a specialist provider of research-based grants management services, RGS provides other Funding Entities with reliable access to the ARC’s systems and experts through a streamlined grants administration processes to assist with the management of their grants. Through RGS Funding Entities can draw on the technical capability, experience and expertise of the ARC to help ensure that the best research and researchers are funded in line with policy expectations.

The ARC’s RMS offers a flexible, robust, stable, innovative platform for administering Australian Government research grants. Through RGS, the ARC can make RMS instances available to Funding Entities, for the submission, management and assessment of applications, offer and establishment of Grant Agreements and all post award grant management activities. Below you will find information regarding Government entities utilising RMS for grants administration services and information about the programs supported.  

Non-ARC Grant Programs 

For further information about Research Grants Services please email