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System to Evaluate the Excellence of Research (SEER) User Guide

Instructions for the collection of Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) – Department of Education role


Log into SEER using your email and password. Ensure you have the Department HERDC viewer role assigned to your profile. You can check this by contacting the SEER helpdesk on (02) 6287 6789 during Canberra business hours or email

Within the Action Centre (the home page), locate Data Collection Management.

Select collection reports.

Exporting data

Choose the relevant round and phase from the drop-down box. Select the status of the data you are after.

Select the excel or PDF icon to export the data from SEER.

Note: the data that is exported is based on the drop-down selection, i.e., if the status of ‘certified’ is selected, only data at that stage will be exported, no forms that have been ‘submitted to ARC’ or in ‘draft’ will be included.

Excel export

Regardless of the status, the excel export will only show forms that hold data. Meaning, if a university has not yet entered any data in their form, they will not be included in the export.

PDF export

The PDF export generates a zip file of all individual university PDFs. PDFs will appear regardless of if the university has entered data or not. Where a university has not yet entered any data in their form, the PDF will show empty tables.

Next to report status, select the option to view the form or access comments.

Viewing the form

Select the form option to view an individual university’s submission. Navigate through each of the tabs (shown as A, B and C in the screen shot). View the entire form through the PDF download.

The certification statement appears within the PDF.

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Viewing comments

Comments can be viewed or added for each university submission, for each round.

Note: comments are not unique between a ‘main’ and ‘corrections’ phase. The same comments will appear from both records of a university submission within a round. The date stamp will allow identification of the comment if it relates to the main phase or the corrections phase, however it is recommended that this detail is included in the comment text.

Select view to see the entire comment.

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