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NCGP Trends: Gender data visualisations

Gender by Institution 

The ARC acknowledges the underrepresentation of women in the Australian research sector. The ARC is committed to ensuring that all eligible researchers have the opportunity to participate in research. This includes underrepresented groups and those affected by career interruptions, including women.

With these interactive graphs, you can view data on participation and success rates, by gender. Drop-down filters impact the interactive graph to allow exploration of the data. Only aggregated information has been made available.

To note: only includes announced grants.

Understanding the data 

This data reflects the gender of named participants on submitted applications . Named participants not necessarily employed by the Administering Organisation. For staffing data see the Gender and the Research Workforce report.

For the purposes of this data, Lead Investigators are considered to be any first named person on a grant. Researchers who participate in more than one application are counted more than once. Chief Investigator and Partner Investigator definitions are available in the relevant grant guidelines.

ARC gender data includes 'male', 'female', and 'indeterminate/intersex'. This above data excludes data where gender is 'indeterminate/intersex’, or where there is no gender information.

To read more about the terms used on this page and how the data is gathered see the Methodology & Data Notes.

While due care has been taken in its preparation, the ARC cannot guarantee and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, currency, completeness or interpretation of the information.

See the ARC Gender Equality Statement 

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