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Help: Functionality of power BI

Interactions between charts or visuals

  • Clicking a data point on a chart, such as bar or line, may result in change to a chart or number in the visuals (charts or headline stats) on the same page. In the designs given, the change in the other charts, if available, will be highlighted in a darker colour or show as filtered result (see the value change on x- or y-axis to make sure). 


  • Various filters are available. For example, a filter with a drop down list for text type data, or a sliding filter with two circles for numerical data (eg year).
  • Selecting multiple items - press the Ctrl key and check the desired items at the same time. The checked items will be highlighted.
  • Erasing filter selection – clicking the ‘Eraser’ sign on top right of a filter will clear the checked items. 
  • 'Reset filters' button – will clear all filters applied to a page. The 'Reset filters' button helps avoid selections resulting in unexpected or incorrect results, especially after more than one filter is used.
  • Chart or table as filter – on many occasions a chart or table can be used as a filter. Clicking on a data point within a chart or table, such as a particular scheme or Administering Organisation, will show results for that selection in related charts and tables on the same page.

Viewing Options

  • On the top-right of a visual there is symbol (shown below)  that can be clicked to enlarge the visual on screen. 
  • To expand the trend visualisation to a full page, click the symbol (shown below) located at the bottom right-hand corner of the visualisation.  
    Double Arrow
  • Right click on graphs to show the graph as a table.
  • For trend visualisations that have multiple tabs, click on the tab number to see a menu of all tabs available in the visualisation.

Functionality Issues

  • The performance of this visualisation tool may vary depending on your internet speed.
  • There are circumstances where the retrieval of graphs or change to a graph is slow. When this happens the interaction between charts and filters can be slow, and a chart could even produce results inconsistent with the filter set. Make sure what you see is what you want to get. 
  • If you encounter any issues with this tool, it is recommended that you either refresh your internet browser page or close and reopen the page. If issues persist, clear your internet browser’s cache.
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