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2023 Industry Laureate Profile: Associate Professor Phillip Cassey

Associate Professor Phillip Cassey

Administering Organisation: The University of Adelaide

Fellowship Project Summary 

IL230100175 – Combatting wildlife crime and preventing environmental harm

Wildlife crimes are an escalating problem for Australia. The illegal harvest, killing, and trade of plants and animals seriously threatens Australia’s $100 billion agricultural, forestry and fisheries exports, and tourism industry. This Fellowship will develop new digital and wildlife forensic tools to improve the surveillance and detection of illegal activities. These forensic tools and specialised data analysis will enable enforcement agencies to identify and halt the illegal harvest and trade of plants and animals. This project will raise public awareness about wildlife crimes and help change social attitudes towards these crimes. Project outcomes will be adopted through a community of practice approach with industry partners and environmental compliance agencies to help the uptake of forensic tools and analysis. These outcomes will also enable the development of policies for greater protection of natural resources. This multidisciplinary and highly collaborative project will improve environmental biosecurity and help to safeguard Australia’s biodiversity and natural environments for everyone to benefit.

Australian Research Council funding: $3,763,434

Industry Partners: Australian Museum Research Institute (AMRI), Department for Environment and Water, Department of Environment and Science, Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions, and Queensland Police Service.

To find out more about Professor Cassey, please visit his profile page here.

For further information about this funding scheme, please visit the Industry Laureate Fellowships page.

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