Official reporting (and accounting) requirements apply to the expenditure of public funds.

Each Centre is required to provide an Annual Report of its activities which is to be published in hardcopy. The report should be set in the context of the Centre’s overall research, training and business strategy. It should report on the operation of the Centre over the preceding calendar year, and supply plans for the next calendar year which should be written from a strategic perspective. The following information should be included in the Centre’s report for each year:

  • progress towards targets in the research programme of the Centre, covering the research projects undertaken, the researchers involved in each project, and the research outcomes achieved or anticipated
  • progress in the education and training programmes as appropriate
  • achievements with respect to industry and other end user group liaison, interaction, cooperation, and a statement on how the industry/end user community linkages are being maintained
  • progress and achievements with respect to the Centre’s current and future income excluding the Commonwealth funds provided through the Centre grant
  • achievements or progress with respect to commercialisation and technology transfer
  • statistical data and information relevant to agreed performance indicators
  • an annual statement of cash expenditure and income for the year covered by the Centre's report and preceding years as well as estimates of future expenditure
  • management arrangements, including Advisory Board membership and its meetings, the structure of the Centre and its visibility
  • information about staff and students, including numbers enrolled in the Centre and numbers graduated
  • detailed activity plan for the next twelve months
  • core activities of the Centre, revised if necessary
  • income derived from other sources and
  • list of publications produced.

Hard copies of the Annual Report are no longer required to be sent to the ARC, instead an electronic version of the Annual Report should be sent to the ARC by 31 March of the year following the reporting year.

However, if the Centre wishes, they are welcome to send one hard copy of the Annual Report to the ARC.  

Note: In addition to the Annual Report, each Centre is required to produce a Centre Outputs and Detailed Income & Expenditure (CODIE) report which should be submitted in excel format, and other reporting requirements can be found on the Annual Reports for Centres and ARC Research Networks page.