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RMS Auto-population of Research Outputs

The ARC’s Research Management System (RMS) allows researchers and Research Office Staff to list research outputs against a user’s RMS profile. Through this, the ARC aims to reduce the burden of repeated manual entry of research outputs in the grant application process. 

Research Output Data within the RMS Person Profile 

Research outputs data can be added to the RMS ‘Person Profile’ through any of the following methods:

  1. Link an RMS account with an ORCID account and import the research outputs from the Works section of the user’s ORCID profile. 
  2. Upload a BibTex file to RMS and perform a bulk upload of the research outputs contained within it.
  3. Use a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to automatically harvest research output metadata and create a research output record.
  4. Manually create an individual record per research output within the RMS user profile.

Once the data is entered into a researchers RMS person profile, it can be used to auto-populate grant applications without having to manually create and update documents each time a researcher submits an application.

Researchers and Research Office staff are able to enter research output data at any time using all four methods, including inserting or updating ORCID data into a researcher’s profile after the ORCID ID is authenticated, and the ARC is added as trusted party. 

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