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Discovery Projects scheme: Two-stage application process

Discovery Projects scheme: Two-stage application process

The ARC is pleased to announce the introduction of a new approach to the grant application process for the Discovery Projects Scheme 2025 round. This new approach will consist of two-stages, the first of which will involve a shorter, streamlined Expression of Interest from applicants. The ARC anticipates this will be of significant benefit for time-constrained researchers.

This new approach is consistent with the recommendation of the Review of the ARC to explore the possibility of a two-stage expression of interest approach for grant applications – a recommendation that was based on strong feedback given to the Panel from researchers across Australia. 

Over the course of this year, the ARC has been exploring such a process with researchers, members of the College of Experts, and senior members of Australia’s universities. This has informed the development of the new approach for the upcoming round of the Discovery Projects scheme.


How will it work?

Applicants will lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI), using a short, user-friendly application form. EOIs will then be assessed and shortlisted by the ARC’s College of Experts.

Those not shortlisted will not be invited to progress but will be provided with an outcome much earlier than under the existing process.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit a full application, which will be assessed by Detailed Assessors and the Selection Advisory Committee. This will result in those projects recommended for funding.

The ARC will continue to work closely with researchers and research administrators to support and provide information about the introduction of this new approach. 

Additional details, including a sample expression of interest form, the Grant Guidelines, and instructions for applicants, are available on Grant Connect.

For more information, visit the Discovery Projects page.

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