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New Research Hubs – cutting edge research for Australia’s future

New Research Hubs – cutting edge research for Australia’s future



13 July 2022

New Research Hubs – cutting edge research for Australia’s future

The Australian Research Council (ARC) will enable universities and industry to establish four new Research Hubs to drive growth and facilitate cutting edge public research, including new technologies to transform carbon emissions into products.

Minister for Education, The Hon Jason Clare MP, approved $17.7 million to develop four new Industrial Transformation Research Program (ITRP) Research Hubs.

ARC Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ms Judi Zielke said this investment will attract an additional $56.3 million from universities, non-government organisations and the private sector to make sure the Hubs access to industry experts and facilities.

“These Research Hubs will provide innovative research benefits, new products and commercial opportunities for Australia,” Ms Zielke said.

“They will provide a future for Australian research, researchers and industry, including in better using and recycling carbon, or improving bushfire resilience.”

“Better using carbon will mean energy prices will fall, creating new opportunities in value-adding manufacturing and other industries,”

One exciting example is Monash University which will partner with 7 national and international academic organisations as well as 22 industry partners, including Woodside Australia, to form the ARC Research Hub for Carbon Utilisation and Recycling.

“This Hub will develop new and efficient technologies to transform carbon dioxide emissions from our energy and manufacturing sectors and turn them into valuable products,” Ms Zielke said.

The Monash University Hub will stimulate jobs and growth in a new emerging industry, estimated to have a global value of over $1 trillion by 2050.

Approx. value


University Partner

Research Aim

$5 million

ARC Research Hub for Carbon Utilisation and Recycling

Monash University

The research hub will develop technology to harvest  CO2 emissions and create pathways to recycle that CO2 into new valuable products.

$5 million

ARC Research Hub for Fire Resilience Infrastructure, Assets and Safety Advancements in Urban, Resources, Energy and Renewables Sectors

University of New South Wales

Advancing fire resilience materials, innovative fire suppression systems, and smart fire detection technologies to tackle future fire risks affecting Australia’s critical infrastructure

$5 million

ARC Research Hub for Advanced Manufacture of Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals

University of Queensland

Partnering with major national and international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, to bring significant onshore capability to manufacture next generation medical devices and technologies.

$3 million

ARC Research Hub to Advance Timber for Australia’s Future Built Environment

University of Queensland

Explore the potential of manufactured

Engineered Wood Products  to transform building and construction industries in Australia whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions towards a Net Zero 2050.

More details about the Research Hubs is on the ARC website Industrial Transformation Research Program | Australian Research Council.


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