18 March 2022

Supporting blue-sky research:
ARC Discovery Project applications open 22 March– Grant Guidelines available

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has forecast opening of its prestigious ARC Discovery Project round, and published grant guidelines on Grant Connect. Applications for excellent basic and applied research projects to be undertaken by individual researchers or research teams across all fields will open on Tuesday, 22 March 2022.  

Ms Judi Zielke PSM, acting Chief Executive Officer of the ARC released the grant guidelines for Discovery Projects, saying

‘The Government is committed to ensuring that we have a vibrant research sector which is delivering research which will drive Australian growth – economically, but also culturally into the next decade.’

‘I highlight the instructions to applicants about the National Interest Test. The instructions spell out the considerations applicants must address in demonstrating a clear public interest from their research and its possible outcomes.’

‘Researchers are invited to articulate how their competitively peer-reviewed application will also find solutions to the challenges we face as a nation, or identify as yet unseen opportunities for Australia.’ 

‘Evidence provided under this National Interest Test is considered separately to the peer review assessment of applications, to ensure excellent research with clear benefit to the nation is supported.’

‘This investment will see the expansion of knowledge and research capacity in Australia, and economic, commercial, environmental, social and/or cultural returns for the nation.’

Further information about the ARC’s Discovery Projects scheme including important dates is available on the ARC website.


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