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ARC Scheme Calendar 2023

ARC Scheme Calendar 2023

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We have today published an updated version of the ARC Scheme Calendar (Version 2023.1).

The changes include:

  • Announcement periods now listed in fortnightly blocks for all current schemes, extending the calendar to December 2023
  • Revised closing dates for Linkage Projects for funding commencing in 2023 (LP23) which now has two rounds, with the Round 1 closing date extended to 10 May 2023 and the Round 2 closing date now on 13 December 2023.

As has been communicated to Deputy Vice-Chancellors Research this week, in 2023 we will hold two rounds for applications in the upcoming LP23 scheme. This is following on from LP22 which had two rounds (Round 2 still in progress) and the ongoing drop in the number of applications being received to the Linkage Projects scheme. To facilitate this change we are extending the closing date for LP23 Round 1 from 4 April to 10 May 2023. The extended deadline to 10 May 2023 for LP23 Round 1 will ensure decisions regarding Linkage Projects can still be taken within 6 months of a round closing and ensure we do not have funding announcements in December.

Extending the deadline to 10 May 2023 will provide the following additional benefits:

  • allowing applicants extra time to finalise their proposals given the new Grant Guidelines and application form
  • spacing the two rounds of LP23 so they are open for more equal lengths of time (5 months for the first round, 7 months for the second round)
  • avoiding intense assessor chase over the Christmas/January period
  • avoiding clashes with other major grant programs.

Amendments have also been made to the Key Dates pages for each scheme to align with these changes. Please note that closing dates for Requests Not to Assess and dates for Rejoinder periods are listed on the Key Dates pages for each scheme. These dates are approximate and are subject to change. For all schemes the closing time for Requests Not to Assess, Applications Close and Rejoinders is 5:00 pm Canberra time on the dates provided.

If you have any questions, please contact our NCGP enquiries team for assistance.

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