How to Assess  

The Assessor Handbook  provides Instructions for Detailed and General Assessors, for IC20, IH20, LP20, LE21, DE21, DP21, IN21, FL20 and FT20 ) – PDF format (1628KB) – Word format (198KB)

The Discovery and Linkage Program Assessor Handbook 2019 provides Instructions for Detailed and General Assessors, for LP19, DP20, IN20 and LE20 – PDF format (1.02MB) – Word format (172KB)

How to use RMS

RMS Handbook for Assessors – PDF format (2MB) – Word format (2MB) 

Please visit the RMS page for further information.

Conflicts of Interest

Timeframes associated for different types of Conflicts of Interest for ARC assessment purposes are outlined on the Identifying and Handling a Conflict of Interest in NCGP page.

ARC Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Policy.

Policies, Codes and Guidelines


Codes and Guidelines

Scheme Information

Key documents relating to the application submission and selection process are available for schemes via the links below:

Other Information

Educational Resources