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RMS: How to use Grant Agreement functionality


This is a guide for Research Office Signatories on how to use the Grant Agreement functionality within the Australian Research Council’s Research Management System (RMS).

Grant Agreements and Grant Offers will be provided to Research Offices through RMS. The Grant Agreement and Grant Offers will then be accepted through RMS by a user with the role type, Research Office Signatory. The Grant Agreement and Grant Offers will then be accepted by an Australian Research Council (ARC) Delegate and the associated projects will be created for payment of funding.

Use your email address and password to login to RMS. If you don’t have a user account, contact members of your university’s research office.

RMS is compatible with the latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The Australian Research Council (ARC) cannot guarantee compatibility with other browsers or older versions of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.


Grant Agreement means the agreement entered into by the ARC and an Administering Organisation when an Application from that organisation is approved for funding. Accepting the Grant Agreement in RMS accepts the terms and conditions set out within the Agreement, it does not accept the Grant Offers made against it.

Grant Offer means the offer of funding made against an individual project. Grant Offers are accepted on a project level and cannot be accepted until the overarching Grant Agreement has been accepted by a Research Office Signatory.

PART 1—Research Office (RO) Signatory

Grant Agreements and Grant Offers can be viewed by any user within your organisation with RO Staff access. However, to accept the Grant Agreement and Grant Offers, a user from your organisation, who has the authority to enter into an agreement with the ARC, must be given RO Signatory access. Only a user with RO Signatory access can accept the Grant Agreement and Grant Offers within RMS.

PART 2—Instructions

2.1—Accessing the Grant Agreement 

  • Login to RMS 
  • Enter your email address and your password. Click on the login button.
  • Click on Grant Offers under the Announcement Management section of the RMS Action Centre.

Grant Offers link under Announcement Management

Figure 1 – Grant Offers link under Announcement Management
  • Select the scheme round from the drop down list for which you wish to view the Grant Agreement.
  • The Grant Agreement for that scheme round will appear. Click on Download Agreement to download a Microsoft Word version of the Grant Agreement.

Grant Offers screen for a scheme round

Figure 2 – Grant Offers screen for a scheme round

2.2—Accepting the Grant Agreement and Grant Offers

  • Once you have read the Grant Agreement and agree to the conditions set out within it, accept the Grant Agreement by clicking on the Accept button.

Grant Agreement acceptance button

Figure 3 – Grant Agreement acceptance button
  • Upon clicking this button, the following message will appear:

Grant Agreement Acceptance Message

Figure 4 – Grant Agreement Acceptance Message
  • Click OK to Accept the Grant Agreement.
  • Once the Grant Agreement has been accepted, a list of projects will appear with the Grant Offer state at Pending appearing under Grant Offers.

How to use funding agreement functionality figure 5

Figure 5 – Grant Offers List

  • If you wish to view additional information on a given project, click on the Details button to open the Project Details screen for that project.
  • To accept the Grant offer for all projects, click on Mark all as Accepted button.
  • To accept the Grant offer for a single project, select the Accept check box.
  • To decline the Grant offer for a single project, select the Decline check box. When declining a project, you will be required to enter a reason for declining.

NOTE: Grant Offers should only be declined if the project is not going to be accepted by any organisation. Projects that will immediately be transferred to another organisation should be accepted prior to submitting a Variation to the Grant Agreement through the ARC’s Post Award team.

  • Once all the check boxes have been selected, click on the Submit Selected button.
  • The Grant Agreement and Grant Offers will subsequently be accepted by the ARC and the ARC’s Post Award team will arrange payments.
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