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Applications for Mid-Career Industry Fellowships have officially opened

Applications for Mid-Career Industry Fellowships have officially opened


8 September 2022 

Applications for Mid-Career Industry Fellowships have officially opened  


Applications are now open for an Australian Research Council (ARC) Mid-Career Industry Fellowship. These fellowships will help solve industry challenges using the expertise and skills of researchers from both universities and industry. 

ARC Chief Executive Officer, Ms Judi Zielke PSM, said that Industry Fellowships support researchers from either academia or industry to work for the other side of the fence, so to speak, to get experience working in difference environments, and to help researchers from both sides learn to build networks across universities and industry.

“I am thrilled that applications have now opened for Mid-Career Industry Fellowships. This is an exciting time for mid-career researchers to collaborate with universities and industry to solve industry-defined challenges,” Ms Zielke said. 

“The ARC has worked with a broad range of stakeholders to make this scheme flexible for researchers from both industry and academia. Breaking down barriers will help industry better understand the importance of research and development to their growth and success.”   

With $215 million in new ARC funding over a four-year period, the Industry Fellowships Program will allow early, mid- and senior researchers explore career opportunities in both industry and academia for research collaboration, translation, and commercialisation. Building networks and understanding different perspectives is expected to influence innovation on both sides and support the adoption and translation of research over time.

The Mid-Career Industry Fellowship scheme is open to researchers who are wanting to build industry connections and tackle a new industry problem, or professionals who are looking to strengthen university connections and research skills.  

Applications for Mid-Career Industry Fellowships open 8 September 2022 and close 20 October 2022. To apply, visit GrantConnect.  

The Industry Fellowships Program also supports early-career and Industry Laureate Fellowships. Applications for these positions will open in the coming weeks. 

For further information about the Industry Fellowships Program, please visit the ARC’s Grant Calendar and ARC Website.    


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